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Everything merges. Everything comes together by merging two passions: Architecture and craftsmanship.

Black House


Check our latest ongoing project, Black House. We have been designing a wooden cabin in a garden at São Miguel island in the Azores.

Pink House wins Paulo Gouveia Architecture Award


The award aims to promote renovations or adaptation projects which respect and honours the local heritage, without excluding the use of contemporary language. Quoting the jury report, the awarded building “makes the synthesis between tradition and contemporaneity, making clear its relation with the pre-existence, context and function.”

Mezzo Atelier to take part of Centriphery


Centriphery is a collaborative project between nine partner organisations based across Europe. Mezzo Atelier will be working on two collaborative projects: one in Avignon for La Manufacture theatre festival in 2020, and for Walk&Talk festival in 2021.