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Pink House published in Non Urban Magazine

Landscale and Mezzo Mercato selected by Habitar Portugal

Landscale and Mezzo Mercato take part of the latest Habitar Portugal 12-17 exhibition.
To visit until 1st November 2021 at CCB in Lisbon

Vaga featured in designboom

“a large empty warehouse is transformed into a modern cultural space in portugal”. Read more in designboom.

GEO.graphias: Architecture Drawings Exhibition

1st June to 23rd September 2021


CAVE OFFICE, Lisbon | João Veríssimo and Miguel Cavaleiro
CORPO, Faro | Filipe Paixão
MEZZO ATELIER, São Miguel, Açores | Giacomo Mezzadri and Joana Oliveira
NMS, Oporto | Nuno M Sousa
PONTO ATELIER, Funchal, Madeira | Pedro Ribeiro and Ana Pedro Ferreira

Curated by Antonio Lettieri, Catarina Croft and Amílcar Nunes

from the BODY ,
from the TIME,
from the LANGUAGE built by 5 young Portuguese studios, today.

GEOgraphias presents an exhibition about the work of five Portuguese architecture studios that have been developing dichotomies between representation, project and work, proposing to reflect about graphic representations resulting from the human actions and perceptions about the place that one lives and its construction. GEO, from place, landscape and territory. The selected studios represent different places, characterized by specificities of the territories to which they belong.

GRAPHIA, from graphic characterization, cartography and discipline that veicules a representation. The selected studios differ from the methods with which they interact and the way that they communicate trough their graphias.
The exhibition presents in a first moment a chain of dialogues between the studios and the geographic places in which they intervene, and in a second moment a dip about the body and the transposition of language, unique in each studio and its territory.
Through the presentation of the selected works, the intention is to discuss, today, about the identities that can be generated in architectural language arising from the places where they exist; about the dialogues that can be established between representations and transpositions to the work; about the construction of tectonic bodies, integral parts of memory networks, of time and places.

Practical workshop with Mezzo Atelier

In the first architecture workshop of the month of April, Mezzo Atelier – authors of the architectural project of vaga, propose an approach to the practice of design from endogenous materials, with the practical exercise “Build It Yourself”.

In an approach inspired by Italian master designer Enzo Mari, they reinterpret the process of building a useful complementary piece to everyday and domestic routines, and invite participants to build a bench from the BIY Mezzo Atelier series from written/designed instructions.

To build the bench, each participant will be given the necessary materials: instruction manual, cryptomeria wood boards, saw, hammer and nails. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to take the bench they have built.

H2T published in In Situ

H2T from Mezzo Atelier and Luca Astorri from Aoumm was included in the book In Situ 2012-2019, a publication about the practical architectural workshops organized by Autónoma University.

Honorable mention on the Roversi Design Award

Push Pull is Mezzo Atelier’s response to Roversi Design Competition using the 6×6 system created by Cesare Roversi

Landscale and Mezzo Mercato selected by Habitar Portugal

Habitar Portugal team selected our projects Landscale in S. Miguel island and Mezzo Mercato, for their latest edition under the theme: Public Space, a House for Everyone.

Pink House published in HÄUSER Magazine

Mezzo Atelier to take part of Centriphery

Centriphery is a collaborative project between nine partner organisations based across Europe. Mezzo Atelier will be working on two collaborative projects: one in Avignon for La Manufacture theatre festival in 2020, and for Walk&Talk festival in 2021.

Centriphery is a multi-layered interdisciplinary, inclusive and inter-generational creative European project that will engage professional international artists in an intensive dialogue with local artists and participating citizens in decentralised regions


Pink House wins Paulo Gouveia Architecture Award

The award aims to promote renovations or adaptation projects which respect and honours the local heritage, without excluding the use of contemporary language. Quoting the jury report, the awarded building “makes the synthesis between tradition and contemporaneity, making clear its relation with the pre-existence, context and function.”

Walk&Talk Pavilion in Arhitext Magazine

Pink House is cover of Ambientes Magazine

Joana talked with Açoriano Oriental Newspaper about Pink House and Paulo Gouveia Award

“Pink House: um projeto em que
o futuro bateu à porta da memória”

Pink House among the best of Portuguese creativity

Walk&Talk Pavilion featured in Domus

“Featuring an archetypical pitched roof, the modular wooden structure has been designed to host different activities and interact with the artists.”

Pretty in Pink

Pink House was published in Hauser Magazine.

“Once upon a time, on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, there was a barn set in a garden paradise. Joana Oliveira and Giacomo Mezzadri transformed it into an enchanting holiday home with captivating inner values, lots of charming outdoor spaces and pretty pink facades.”

Pink House is cover of Mexican Magazine C+T

Gessato writes about Locanda

“After transforming a Milan beer shop into a stunning space with exposed brick architecture details and natural textures, Mezzo Atelier brings a touch of Italy to Amsterdam.”